The public sector is not working

Parliament has set a bad example again, breaking for Christmas on 19th December and not reconvening until January 8th. Now many other parts of the public sector seem to take a long Christmas break. It’s such a contrast with the private sector, where many shops opened up on Boxing Day and are open all this week, where newspapers and taxi services have been available since?? December 26th, and where milk, bread and many other goods have been supplied. My local Council is not collecting any recyclables until well into the New Year, at the very time when people have most waste. I have received a holding reply from Reading Council on behalf of one constituent, telling me there is no chance of the letter being considered until the second week of January. We thank all the nurses and doctors who kept the hospitals running over Christmas, and the police who turned out for duty. There hasn’t been much else working in the public sector, despite the large pay awards and the extra money.


  1. Kit
    December 29, 2006

    You are wrong. We should be giving them longer and longer holidays. Parliament should only be sitting for a couple of days a month/year. This will cut down on poor legalisation and red-tape. As for the public sector we might find we don't actually need its services at all.

  2. Sam Tarran
    December 29, 2006

    Funny: MPs get a longer Christmas break than we do at my school.

    The Adam Smith Institute recently wrote that his local vet was on emergency call over Christmas, but his local doctor was not. I'm not advocating a privatisation of the NHS here, but it just shows how the profit incentive sometimes (in fact, most of the time) works far better in getting people off their asses than government subsidy.

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