MPs not at work

Parliament does not meet this week – we are having another nineteen day gap.

As someone who thinks there is too much legislation already I am not concerned that we are failing to produce new laws, but I am concerned that another nineteen??days pass when the government does not have to face questioning on any of its deeds or words. It also means that when we are allowed back more legislation will be rushed through with insufficient time to??examine and amend??it.??

??I am not surprised. Doubtless the government does not wish to be asked how the cash for peerages enquiry is proceeding, what influence they are having on Mr Bush’s new policy towards Iraq, how much??sway they have with Mrs Merkel who seems determined to bring back the much hated EU Constitution, or whether over the last month they have had any better thoughts on how to get some of the 5.3 million on benefit back to work.

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  1. Tom Paine
    January 3, 2007

    It's not as if the MP's have any real say, is it Mr. Redwood? As demonstrates, they mainly vote as the Whips direct. The separation of powers has broken down in consequence, as the Legislature simply does what the Executive tells it to do. Hence the loss of so many of our ancient freedoms while the supposed "Conservative" Party stands by. Hence the decline in voting figures as voters are realise that (unless they are in one constituency in the North-East or one other in Scotland) their vote doesn't matter a damn.

    When you do get back to work, please consider speaking up -with full independence of thought- for your constituents. I am sure they didn't elect you to follow the BluLabour party line.

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