Beware the government doing a deal with Mrs Merkel

It is ominous that we have been unable to get clear assurances from the government that any proposed transfer of power to the EU that might arise from the Merkel plan will be put to the British people in a referendum. I will table written questions tomorrow to seek further clarification, but it looks as if they will go along with?? a Merkel plan for a mini constitution, called something else, and claim this does not merit a referendum vote. The government declines to keep us properly informed of the negotiations before summits, and seem to be co-operating over common borders, a common police force and a common defence and foreign policy, eroding our veto and right to have an independent policy in these crucial areas on the way. It makes it even more imperative to try to force them to a vote, on all the power they have transferred in recent years – Social Chapter, common asylum and immigration policy etc as well as the propsective surrender of the common foreign and security policy and criminal justice powers.


  1. Ken Adams
    January 21, 2007

    If the Conservative win the next election it would be nice to know that they will imidiatly return these powers to our own government and parliament.

    Unfortunately because of the Acquis that will not be possible without negotiations with the other member states, and then rewriting the treaties which would need to be ratified in by all member states, this could prove to be almost impossible.

    To date the Acquis has not been broken because it is one of the fundamental principals of the EU the question of who runs Britain should be the most important democratic question, the EU treaties obviously undermines the parliamentary fundamental principal that one government may not bind a future Parliament. For as long as that situation remains we will know we are not a democratic country and we know who runs Britian.

  2. Bill
    January 21, 2007

    you have my support in this John! Who knows what Mr. B will sign up to in his last days in office – and leave Mr. B (and the rest of us) with the mess.

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