The police enquiries

Either the??critics are right, and the government is witholding important?? and incriminating information in the cash for peerages enquiry, or the government is??paying the price for losing the confidence of the public and the trust of?? the police because of the way they have behaved in recent years.

If the government is found to be witholding crucial evidence then the resulting trials will be even more serious – it will be like Watergate where the cover up became the issue. If the government does not in the end face charges against individuals, then we are left asking why did the police and so many others think there was a case to investigate?

It shows how low trust has fallen in this regime, and how important it is that the political parties move quickly to new standards on fund raising. Why won’t the governemnt accept the proposal to limit single donations to a maximum of ??50,000? That would start the clean up boldly. Then more poeple would be less cynical about party political fund raising.


  1. Marek
    January 21, 2007

    It would improve democracy if general election spending by parties was limited to about

  2. Gammarma
    January 22, 2007

    50grand is suited to the tories a lot more than labour (union donations) , thats why they will not accept it.

  3. Ed
    January 22, 2007

    If the

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