The Hegg and Cluhne race – two Lib Dem ex MEPs in search of the leadership

How many more interviews of these two are we going to hear on the BBC with no question about Europe?

Both these men believe in selling our country down the river to the Brussels bureaucracy.
Both campaigned for a referendum on the Constitution to win their seats for the first time in 2005, and both intend to rat on this promise when we get a chance to vote for a referendum on the Treaty soon.

Surely they should be asked why they have torn up their promise on the Constitution?
And shouldn’t they be asked why they want the organisation that has given us the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy to be given more power to mess up more of our country?

I still think Clegg will win, as friends of Clegg are clearly better at helping the media write anti Huhne stories, than the friends of Huhne are at hitting back. It is good to hear the underdog critcising the front runner more – it makes the egg and spoon race of the Liberal leadership a little more interesting.