The Home Department ducks the questions

Yesterday the Home Secretary stumbled when David Davis asked her what we should do if our biometric identities are stolen or mislaid when in government possession. She also revealed complete ignorance of the work in her own department to have a common system of identity control throughout the EU.

I asked a Home Office Minister who was telling us about introducing ID cards for foreign nationals in the UK why we didn’t police our borders properly when people first arrived. I pointed out that everyone coming to the Uk should have a valid passport and visa where needed. Surely it is easier and cheaper to make the checks on first arrival and only allow in legal entrants?

The Minister responded that that was a "very twentieth century view"! Well I never. That was the boomerang quote of the session, which is so revealing about attitudes in the current Home Office.

They spend lots of our money on border controls, and claim they are beefing them up. When I ask that they are made to work properly so we do not need to introduce ID cards as well, I am told that it is out of date. Labour want to carry on spending money on ineffective border controls, and then spend more money on issuing cards and presumably checking up on people on the streets as a back up system, based on their assumption that they will be incompetent at running the borders. If people can forge passports and trade in illegal ones, why do they think it will be any different with ID cards? Why do we need both?

No wonder we pay so much tax, and no wonder nothing works. Wanting things to work is so "twentieth century".


  1. Tony Makara
    November 27, 2007

    I have received an information sheet from the dept of health inviting me to take part in a 'Biobank'. They even made me an appointment to attend a meeting at the Manchester north assessment centre in Bury for January 16th at 1130am. Now I didn't ask for this information sheet, and it is set out in such a way as to look like a hospital appointment. So I'm wondering how many poor unsuspecting souls will attend thinking this is mandatory and give up their personal data to the 'Biobank'?

  2. John Gartside
    November 27, 2007

    The Home Office Minister's view is, on the contrary, very much a twentieth century view – 1984 to be more precise. This government is not here to protect (us from too much illegal migration -edited version); it is here to spy on us, intimidate us, bully us, expropriate us, to control us by all means and show us who is our master. Of course, if we should decide to leave the country, as a consequence, so much the better, since those of us that go are far more likely to be conservative voters anyhow.

  3. Stuart Mark Turner
    November 27, 2007

    It seems that the labour party deem libertarian values "very twentieth century", to them personal freedoms must seem terribly outmoded. Not only this they intend upon us paying for all of this state mothering, therefore reducing our economic freedoms. This appears to constitute the application of socialist style planning by stealth. No wonder they are so keen to further integrate us into the great state leviathan that is the 'EU'!

  4. Paul
    January 21, 2008

    I've received the Biobank letter and it's a disgrace. It's for a provisional appointment to take part voluntarily in medical experiments under the guise of being charitable work . My address details have been passed to Biobank by the NHS who think it'll be a good thing. DO NOT PASS MY ADDRESS ON TO ANYBODY FOR WHATEVER REASON . Surely this is totally unlawful.

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