The government still doesn’t know how to deregulate

It is pathetic that the government has a department for regulatory reform and legislation to deregulate, but no idea on what to repeal.

I submitted 65 proposals to them before the last election, held a Parliamentary debate, and sent them the proposals again last year. There are proposals in <a href="">Freeing Britain to Compete</a>, the Conservative Party’s Economic Competitiveness Policy Review.

Have they lost these as well? Maybe they put all our proposals on a CD and put it in the post!


  1. Patrick
    December 10, 2007

    Gordon Brown cut red tape? Yeah right.

    If you were to send 65 proposals for gay strip bars to the Riyadh town planning authority they'd get further.

    Socialist governments get addicted to legislating because they can. It's in their DNA.

  2. Bazman
    December 10, 2007

    The speed Russia is changing is incredible. I don't just mean rich central Moscow. At street level the shops are becoming better, The infrastructure, as in the pavements and buildings have improved by an amazing level since 1999. It's like everyone has woken up. The people seem to have realised that the only way to get money is to do some work and work with a better attitude. Before 1999 how many thing could go wrong with buying a bottle of beer at one of the many street cafe's in Samara? No glass. Let's not be awkward! You would be amazed at the blundering and apathy. Funny at first, but not for long.
    Companies can now do what they like, but so can everyone else.
    Fortunes to be made and lost.

  3. Roger Thornhill
    December 10, 2007


    Even the recent DC statement on Education was not freeing people to found schools, but just appeared to move deckchairs from Second Class (LEA) up to the Captains Table (centralised direction on where to set up schools).

    (arrived via WebCommons).

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