Now we know what Home Office Ministers do all day

I hear that today’s papers have a misrepresentaion of my blog on crime from no less a figure that Vernon Croaker, Home Office Minister for Crime Reduction.

He wishes me to apologise for comments which merely reported what is happening in courts on his watch, and fails to quote the balancing comments in my piece.

That is par for the course from Labour. No wonder we have such a crime problem, when the Minsiter charged with the task of reducing crime spends his days reading my blog – and presumably other Conservative blogs, and then sends out a press release and talks to journalists based on a misrepresentation of what I was saying.

I cannot recollect anything Mr Coaker has done to bring down crime in this coutnry – yet he has the power to act. In opposition we only have the power of words to try influcence those who can act, which is why I blog. Ministers should do, not blog.

Instead of playing silly media games, Mr Coaker, why not start tackling crime seriously.