12 things I would like the government to cancel for Christmas

The EU Constitution
ID cards
My personal subscription as a taxpayer to their badly handled Save Northern Rock campaign
The South East England Development Agency
The South East Regional Assembly
Half their consultancy contracts telling them how to do things ?? I dont mind which half
All red phased traffic lights
Next years supply of speed cameras
Next years supply of data discs for HMRC
Most of the 2008 legislative programme
The London congestion charge
?5 billion a year of regulation

Instead they will cancel

Many of the trains over the holiday period
Access to many public services


  1. Adrian Windisch
    December 30, 2007

    Redphased traffic lights? Speed cameras? Do you want traffic caos? Lights allow safe passage at junctions, cameras catch those breaking the law.

    Traffic light phasing should reflect the flows and give priority to the main roads. I am not sayign abolish taffic lights, and do want safe corssing for us pedestrians when the light is red for the traffic on the road we wish to cross. What is crazy in London is the all red taffic light phases, where all roads have red lights. very rarely do you see a pedestrian needing the facility to cross in both directions at the same time. You shouod recognise that speed is not a major cause of accidents, and understand how speed cameras themselves can worsen driver behaviour.

  2. Bazman
    December 30, 2007

    “What would you like for Christmas Gordon?”
    “Oh….? Just a couple of cheap CD’s Dave.”

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