John Redwood Questions Minister over Wokingham Station

<strong>In the debate on rail transport in the Commons yesterday, John Redwood asked the Minister when Network Rail is going to understand the cash-raising possibilities for refurbishing stations such as Wokingham.</strong>

The question and answer, taken from Hansard, follow.

<strong>Mr. John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con):</strong> When will Network Rail, a publicly owned company, get to grips with problems such as a very tatty and run down station in Wokingham that could be rebuilt from the proceeds of planning gain on its very valuable site?

<strong>Mr. Harris:</strong> The right hon. Gentleman has been misinformed. Network Rail is a private company over whose operations I have no direct control. He takes a close interest in these matters, so he will know that in the White Paper published in July we announced ?150 million to act as leverage money for the 150 medium-sized stations. We expect major improvements to be carried out by Network Rail and its partners during the next control period between 2009 and 2014.