Great news – large numbers vote for a referendum on Lisbon

The 10 constituency referenda have underlined what many of us have been saying in Parliament. By a large majority people want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and by a huge margin they do not want the UK to adopt the Lisbon Treaty.
It is high time the Lib Dem and Labour MPs listened to public opinion on this crucial issue, and accepted the verdict of the people.
The people are right, and the MPs are wrong.
If the MPs do not vote for a referendum next week, they need to be repalced at the next election by those who would.


  1. anoneumouse
    March 2, 2008

    See also…………

    Europe minister's constituents have spoken.

    Results, which have been obtained by the Sunday Herald, show 84.88% of those who voted in Jim Murphy's East Renfrewshire constituency said yes to a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, with 15.12% opting for the "no" option.

    On whether the treaty should be ratified, 89.54% said no while 10.46% said yes.

    see also……….. 27/02/08 Hansard 7.39 pm

    The Petition of Councillor Alan Wood and residents of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath and surrounding areas,

    Declares that the Prime Minister has no mandate to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon and cites as firm evidence a professionally conducted ballot in the constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath asking residents the unambiguous question: “Do you want a referendum on the EU Treat of Lisbon—Yes or No?”, to which the result was 81.6 per favour of a referendum.

    oh hum

  2. Freeborn John
    March 2, 2008

    "If the MPs do not vote for a referendum next week, they need to be replaced at the next election by those who would"

    But which party will do this? The Conservatives current formula of 'not letting matters rest' is not the same as a commitment to a referendum. Without such a concrete commitment i will not be voting Conservative. 'Dog whistles' are not enough….

  3. MartinW
    March 2, 2008

    A great result which, amazingly, the BBC is reporting, albeit rather briefly.
    This was a great effort by all concerned, my only disappointment being that a referendum was not held also in the constituencies of Ken Clarke, John Gummer, Ian Taylor and David Curry. I'm sure those results would have been equally revealing.

  4. Steven_L
    March 2, 2008

    Of course the public would vote against the EU Treaty, which would in turn make life difficult for politicians. Staying in the EU is the easy thing to do. If you ask me it's a bit like Captain Blackadders explaination of why the Great War happened, he said it was "..too difficult not to have a war..". This sums up exactly the mentalilty of most politicans when it comes to the EU if you ask me. If the government did ask me if I want to stay in the EU I don't know which way I'd vote yet, but it would be nice to be asked, the last referendum took place before I was born.

  5. richard howell
    March 3, 2008

    One of the constituencies balloted was Eastleigh, the seat of leadership contender Chris Huhne. Hopefully, his lack of support for a refrerendum will have him unseated at the next election along with his expedient colleagues.

  6. Stuart Fairney
    March 3, 2008

    We can surely no longer believe anything Labour or the lib-dems say. "We promise not to abolish the pound" No, this is just a currency re-branding exercise, "We promise not to increase taxes" ah, this is not a tax increase, it's national insurance, "Our's is a government that will be whiter than white" I acted in good faith and didn't realise that this was a breach of the rules and anyway it was an admin error and my husband deals with the mortgage and I don't notice when we take on £600K debts (making me the ideal person to manage the olympic budget!), and the donation was for my think tank etc etc etc

  7. Mrs Doreen Eccles
    March 3, 2008

    It was an excellent campagne, yet nothing compared with the millions that turned out or put their name to opposing Iraq war at that time. This government and certainly GBrown is
    accustomed to ignoring the public opinion and
    the public are accustomed to being ignored.It's
    much to the persistence that we still and always will object to Nu Labour dictatorship.It is those MP's who let us down everytime by self interest only.

  8. tim holden
    March 3, 2008

    Much of what the current Labour government is doing will have to be undone. It would appear a full Parliament's work will be required to dismantle the vast raft of junk legislation produced by the whipped horde that occupies the government benches. They rightly fear the will of a slumbering electorate that has tolerated them for far too long.

  9. mikestallard
    March 4, 2008

    Hooray!This is s atriumph of democracy.
    Am I being silly when I assume that we are facing a done deal? Certainly there was a done deal with the French (I take Open Europe) refusing a referendum at the Council of Ministers to avoid another embarrassment.
    If there was a done deal, then whatever we say or do, the die is cast and we are, for ever part of a Europe which is completely alien to our traditional way of life.
    Gordon Brown's behaviour so far does hint in this direction.
    Quite apart form the difference in the election of the two Presidents of USA and Europe now going on at the moment, the total secrecy blanket is begging for rumours.
    Did you notice, by the way, that when there was another MEP scandal recently about the expenses that the immediate reaction of the Ministers was to hush the matter right up? I believe the relevant documents are kept in a safe under armed guard!

  10. Maria Huthings Prosp
    March 10, 2008

    The voice of the people of Eastleigh resounds loud and clear, and will continue to resonate right up until the general election and beyond.

    Of all constituency polls run, Eastleigh was returned the highest % vote:

    Yes, I Want a referendum 18,370 (90.2%)
    Do not want to ratify Lisbon Treaty 90.7%

    Turnout 20,361 (more people than voted for Chris Huhne).

    Chris Huhne's notional majority is 530. Yet he saw fit to betray 18,370 Eastleigh voters.

    I will not let him forget his broken promise, betrayal and utter arrogance toward the electorate.

    Many thanks to IWAR and all the people who worked so hard to make the Eastleigh campaign such a success. The electorate won't forget us.

    There is of course one vote that Chris Huhne cannot ignore and that is the next general election.

    Maria Hutchings,
    Conservative Parliamentray candidate for Eastleigh.
    West End, Hampshire.

  11. Todd Dorset
    May 9, 2008


    Never mind the voice of Eastleigh, the whole of the country has sent a very loud message to GB. I believe he has heard it but doubt whether he has understood it!

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