The MDC Parliament should meet before it is too late

Mugabe and his cronies are moving quickly now to undermine the legitimacy and possible authority of the recently elected Zimbabwean Parliament. If they persuade the Electoral Commission to overturn just nine of the “Opposition” – now the majority – MDC seats then Mugabe’s people are back in charge. The Parliament should meet before this happens, assert their legitimacy and provide an alternative to the President who refuses to resign. They may have to do this from outside the country – it would be a good test of South Afirca, who should be willing to lend them a place near the border to do so if they have any belief in democracy.

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  1. Matthew Reynolds
    April 19, 2008

    Like the French Chamber of Deputies in July- August 1830 they should seize the moment and meet as the elected Parliament . They ought to acclaim the MDC leader as President who could then appoint ministers and declare a state of emergency until Mr Mugabe leaves the country. That need not take long and the EU , UN and USA could recognise what had happened ( which would be a lot more legitimate under international law than the 1999 attack on Serbia or the recent statehood given to Kosovo ). Morgan Tsvangirai could be like Boris Yeltsin in 1991 as the USSR fell apart – brave democratic leader who opposed an illegal coup and thus saved his country. The MP’s of Zimbabwe are letting the people of that distressed nation down by dithering and thus missing an opportunity to end the neo- Nazi regime of hate that has turned a prosperous country into a living hell for its suffering people . If the South African President has any compassion for the victims of Mr Mugabe he may care to reflect on the old adage: ‘ Better late than never .’ How many more innocents must suffer & die before that coward will act ?

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