John Redwood’s Early Day Motion on Climate Change and World Hunger

EDM 1481



Redwood, John

That this House notes that China is the fastest growing major economy in the world and India the second fastest; further notes that China will soon overtake the United States as the world’s single biggest source of carbon emissions; expresses its concern at the role played by the growing demand for biofuels in world food price increases; is alarmed at the World Bank’s prediction that food price inflation could set the fight against Third World hunger back by seven years; urges the Government to do all it can to help tackle global food poverty; recommends that the UK leads change to regulations to drop any requirement to divert crops to fuel, as arable land is needed for food; further recommends that the Government uses its leverage to persuade the US, China and India to proceed on a multilateral basis to tackle climate change; and recognises that if the UK proceeded unilaterally it could drive fuel-intensive industries into jurisdictions with less stringent regulatory and fiscal regimes, which would cost British jobs whilst failing to reduce the world’s total carbon output.


  1. Kit
    May 7, 2008

    Climate Change? I thought that have been cancelled due lack of …err… change 😉

  2. Steven Whitfield
    May 8, 2008

    Never mind global warming is anyone going to tell the third world that if they don't reduce there birth rate mass starvation is inevitable. If we were truly serious and grown up about tackling "global food poverty" that's what we would do. We in the West don't have to feel guilty about everything that is wrong in the world.
    We talk about only using land for food crops not for fuel but this is just tinkering around the edges. There is twice as many people living at present than in 1960. If we keep reproducing at this rate the earth's ability to sustain us will be exceded. It will happen there is no question.
    It's just too convenient for politicians to peddle the global warming myth and use it as an excuse for overcharging us for fuel and ignore the big environmental picture.

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