John Redwood welcomes new photography business to Wokingham

John Redwood met Martin Sandford Draper, the photographer behind the new Sandford Images business in Wokingham, last week. Martin took several new professional photographs of John, who has now displayed them on his website. John has adopted one of Martin’s pictures as his new official photograph.

To see a selection of John’s new photographs, please visit his website and click “Photos” in the blue box at the top of the site. For a high resolution photograph of John for media reproduction, please contact his Westminster office.


  1. mikestallard
    May 16, 2008

    Excellent photos from an expert photographer. Well done! I liked the use of the garden – all green and springlike. Also, the use of the leaded window was rather inviting.

  2. Tapestry
    May 18, 2008

    Headline in Socialist Worker.

    Top Tory Toff Has Statue In Garden.

    Haven't you got any rubbish bins you could be photgraphed next to, John? The Trots will make propaganda out of anything these days.

    I liked the one with a dog on each shoulder, which became a favourite around the blogosphere.

    Reply: If I am now a Top Tory Toff I am over the moon to have made it! Not bad for a lad who lived in a Council House as a young child and who won a scholarship to a Direct Grant School – a school which had to go independent when a previous Labour government stopped people from backgrounds like mine from going there by taking the grant away!

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