BBC snipes at No campaign in Ireland

I awoke this morning to hear the BBC say the irish “No” campaign had “sniped” at the Treaty with a series of “improbable claims”.

Why can’t these journalists get into their head that many Irish and English people want to keep the right of self government – hard won in Ireland’s case – in their own country. Why do they use such pejorative language about people struggling against a monstrous bureaucracy to keep some control of their own lives and some meaning to their own votes?

The BBC just can’t help itself coming over as a pro European government organisation in receipt of Euro money.


  1. Freeborn John
    June 12, 2008

    I am not familiar with the details of the NO campaign in Ireland and possibly there have been some improbable claims, but it is certain that there are many improbable claims made by EU supporters in the UK and elsewhere. “The Constitutional concept has been abandoned”, “This is just a tidying up exercise”, “Rules designed for 6 cannot be used for 27” (despite the Nice treaty having rules for 27).

    I believe the BBC’s pro-EU reporting is partly due to their method of determining neutrality by triangulating the positions of the main parties. So long as the Conservative party does not come out and argue the case against Brussels the BBC can hardly be faulted for triangulating the positions of three pro-EU parties and concluding that a pro-EU line is in fact neutral.

  2. John
    June 12, 2008

    In fairness to the BBC, a huge portion of the No campaign here is a about issues with nothing to do with the Treaty or the EU. For example, the EU has nothing to do with abortion, and specifically recognises the Irish position on this in Maastricht. That is not changed by Lisbon. Yet, the no campaign have been quite happy to go around saying that it will bring in abortion.

    And not only abortion, 3 Year Olds will be detained if Lisbon is passed and euthanasia, prostitution and hard drugs will be legalised. None of which has anything to do with Lisbon, but that has hardly stopped the No campaign in enlisting those as reasons to vote no.

  3. David
    June 12, 2008

    This doesn't surprise me. I remember during the London Mayor campaign, Boris was continually referred to as "plotting" to oust Ken; like it was a coup or something.

  4. Martin Caldwell
    June 12, 2008

    What you don't mention John is that the BBC was showing that some in the No campaign are claiming the Lisbon Treaty will force all Irish babies to be microchipped which even you have to admit is completely untrue.

  5. Derek Johnson
    June 12, 2008

    Quite agree John.

    The BBC (as usual) misrepresented the No campaign.

    RTE's equivalent of "Question Time" is available here:

    It is worth watching in order to see the fear in the eyes of the main parties' representatives.

    The "No" campaign's case with regards to the threat to Ireland's neutrality, her competitive tax regime, and the growing belief that she will lose her voice in Brussels are all expertly articulated on the programme.

    What a strange 24 hours its been for a euro-realist Tory, condemning the DUP for their shabby capitulation on 42 days and then applauding Sinn Fein for their anti-Lisbon stance.

    Almost makes one want to advocate a united Ireland!

  6. Richard Calhoun
    June 12, 2008

    'I awoke this morning to hear the BBC say the irish “No” campaign had “sniped” at the Treaty with a series of “improbable claims”.'

    I believe it is OK to make such comments, but it should include the 'Yes' as well as the 'No' campaign so bringing balance to the report.

    It is important to report that improbable claims are being made, but this does apply to both sides.

  7. Christine Warren
    June 12, 2008

    There you go again – using the word English when you should say British. No wonder the Scots want out.

    Reply: I use English when I am speaking of English laws and recognising the different legal and constitutional set up in Scotland.

  8. John
    June 12, 2008

    Martin, there are posters around Dublin with a microchipped baby, and a Vote No to Lisbon tag line.

  9. mikestallard
    June 12, 2008

    Wasn't all this about the biassed BBC?
    Myself I think that there is a culture of bias in favour of the lefties and against the Tories in the BBC.
    The real problem for them is this: the tide is now running out fast. What was once a firmly leftie country (snootily and scornfully anti-racism, for equality for all, Comprehensive Schools, multicultural, largely against all forms of religion, possibly even pro Catholic anti Evangelical, hi tax, hi-spend, big state?) is now turning fast into somewhere completely different.
    The mood now is anti tax, anti politician, interested in Islam and, yes, even Christianity. It is at the moment, a real possibility that, an a year or even less, the Conservatives will be in power. Yes, that's the Tories.
    So what will happen then to the Paxman wannabees in Newsnight? Or the John Humphreys wannabees on Radio 4?

  10. Adrian Peirson
    June 12, 2008

    Microchipping children is Part of the Global Elites Agenda.

    Part of the Reason for a Cashless soceity is so that if you fall foul of the Govt, your 'chip' can be deactivated.

    You see how important control of money is, no food, no fuel, no transport.

  11. mark baard
    June 13, 2008

    i've just heard the same coverage stateside, via a bbc podcast. i did a double take, as a reporter said the problem was that the "yes" people failed to overcome the lies of the "no" folks…

    you could hear the grief in the reporter's voice.

    we'll be looking at this in my journalism class this fall, it is an example of how not to report a story.

  12. C B
    June 24, 2008

    A recent Eurobarmoter survey has just shown that 80% of the Irish population are in favor of the EU. Consequently, one cannot say that the 'NO' indicates a rejection towards the EU as such. In my point of view, the real problem is that media (and NO-campaigners) misused their influence. They created rumours which people couldn't really value.

    I do think that the EU suffers from a democratic deficit. However, as we are not living in a direct democracy the treaty would actually increase democracy because it will increase the EP's and national parliaments' influence.

    The real democratic problems are not depending on this treaty. They are far more profound and cannot be solved over night (i.e. education)

  13. Paul
    June 24, 2008

    Under the 1848 Felony & Treason Act, it is a crime to give aid and comfort to traitors. The BBC, in receipt of at least 300 million Euro, is, as its openly biased spin on the Irish NO vote shows, acting as a psychological attack weapon of the EU. Therefore, to pay your TV licence fee is liable to be an act of giving aid and comfort to a traitor (words left out ed)

    The answer; am organised campaign to cease payment of TV licence fees and thereby curtail the mind conditioning programme that the BBC is running against us.

  14. Paul
    June 25, 2008

    Good grief CB, are you seriously suggesting we believe a survey conducted by err Eurobarometer? Yor avinn a larff ayncha?. I mean, it's just another case of lies, damn lies and statistics.

    It's not up for debate. The Irish said No. I say No. The vast majority of people in the UK (maybe I should set up Brittometer so I can get the exact figure) would say no as well, were they be to treated with decently and asked.

    The disrespect shown to the UK people by the political "gravy train" class is the underlying cause of why very few people retain any respect for politicians whatsoever. What goes around comes around. A fundamental law of the universe that no doubt Miliband and his mob will seek to outlaw.

    The mere fact we are not being allowed to make a decision is obviously because Mr Brown and his marxist chums know (courtesy of Eurometer no doubt) what we will say. Their cowardice indicates the real nature of the political EU culture; coercive, devious, manipulative, sly and psychotic.

  15. sweetlouis
    September 3, 2008

    Me also herad the news No” campaign had “sniped” at the Treaty with a series of “improbable claims”.

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