Palin 4 Obama 1

Yesterday I remarked how negative and defensive Obama sounded in his latest emails from the campaign trail. Then he stumbled badly. The video of him talking about lipstick and the pig does not make good viewing for his supporters. Let us assume he did not mean to attack his new opponent but her policies, it was still a very ill judged remark and was bound to remind the wider audience that the Republicans had put a woman on their ticket. Meanwhile it reminded the Democrats that he had sidelined Hilary, despite her popularity with half their party.

Yes, people want change Mr Obama. The issue is what change? How would it be brought about? If Mrs Palin wins and is “let loose” on Washington it could be just what is needed. If Mr Mc Cain is up for curbing the voracious appetite of big government to tax, spend and regulate, that would be news. The problem for Obama is his money raisers and advisers are telling him to run negative ads and copy on the Republicans. This just means he loses what made him different from the rest. He loses the image of hope and optimism, and looks like other spin age politicians, raising too much money to pander to what the polls say.


  1. tim holden
    September 11, 2008

    The remark, with its meaningful pause, was scarcely presidential. His later justification and refusal to apologise was mean and revealing. It has taken a long time for the rhetoric to be stripped away.

  2. Tony Makara
    September 11, 2008

    I must say that I don't like Sarah Palin at all. I don't believe Palin has the openess needed to be a politician at the highest level. Sarah Palin's whole outlook appears to be reactionary and she severely lacks balance, most importantly she lacks the ability to change with circumstance. Sarah Palin's religious views cloud her judgment and one has to wonder how such a religious mindset will play out when it comes to foreign policy. A woman who believes the war in Iraq was a 'mission from god' and that it is America's 'endtime mission' to stand by Israel has to be a cause for concern. The Coming presidential election has produced the poorest candidates in my lifetime, neither McCain or Obama are presidential material, and Sarah Palin certainly isn't.

  3. adam
    September 11, 2008

    Obama, now behind in the polls, has jumped back into victim mode where he feels most comfortable.

    and…Being asked by the left to stop with the phoney outrage and be serious, ha! what a laugh.

  4. Rose
    September 11, 2008

    And did you hear our own Clifford Longley using the religious slot on Today to join the fashion for high-minded Palin-bashing? It seems religious toleration no longer includes protestants. (Just Caucasian ones. He would never have dared to attack an African American Christian sect.) As it was protestants who laid down this constitutional law in 1688 you would think they might still be included, even in these diverse times.

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