The petticoat plot

The men bottled the task of removing Gordon Brown, led from behind by David Miliband’s “friends”. Now we hear the women are going to have a go, with the unusual approach of asking Labour MPs to decline to nominate Gordon Brown, leaving the forms blank as they do not know who could do it better!

From the Conservative point of view we are happy to keep Gordon. He’s done wonders for our ratings. As someone who wants my country to be better run, and wants to offer some hope to people that things might get better, I want a General Election.

There is no Labour MP offering to keep their promise of a referendum on Lisbon, to spare us that nightmare. There is no Labour MP with an alternative economic strategy to beat the UK version of the Credit Crunch. No Labour MP warned in the summer of 2007 that the authorities were driving some UK banks into illiquidity. No Labour MP called for action to tackle the mushrooming public deficit, and to link that to lower interest rates. No Labour Minsiter has been able to get some power stations, roads, reservoirs and flood defences under construction on the scale needed,using private money. In other words, none of them understand the size of the problems or have an answer to the dfficulties we face.

Unhappy country. Unhappy Labour party. It is a true tragedy, with no obvious way out. It looks as if we are in for months of rows and wrong decisions, months of failure to take action to tackle the many outstanding problems.


  1. Stuart Fairney
    September 13, 2008

    The BBC frequently calls for people in the private sector who are incompetent to be sacked.

    So given the chief political correspondant Nick Robinson reported only yesterday, that there would be no leadership contest, can we now expect him to be fired? No, thought not. Double standards from the legendary BBC again.

    Terminate them in the first 100 days ~ please!

  2. tim holden
    September 13, 2008

    If they are under the impression that Gordon Brown understands the concept of public humiliation, they have neither been awake in Parliament nor read the newspapers. The situation reflects the absurd lack of quality in Labour's personnel. Pygmies can stand tall and proud by comparison.

  3. James
    September 13, 2008

    We are in a ridiculus state with 60 million people beholden to the whim of one man who clearly has no idea how to control his Party let alone a great country.He is obviously devoid of the talent, skill and charisma the job entails.
    Millions of words have been written or spoken about this Labour incompetency whilst our way of life slowly but surely dives south.

    Another 18 months of this? Our ancestors would not have stood for it, why should we?

    Time to do a Fletcher Christian methinks. Any volunteers?

  4. Eddie Allen
    September 13, 2008

    I forget who it was now but not that long ago, a junior "petticoat minister" threatened to resign over the 10p shuffle when Brown was in the U.S. saying "There'll be no change" ( Pun intended ). But apparently he talked her round with his charm….( sic ). Was it this lady or another ?

    Anyroad, Labour's goose is pan fried, burnt to a cinder it is.
    We all know where it came from, the old 70's should have taught the country a lesson and I think it did, especially with ( oh I won't go on about it the blogs not long enough ), but suffice to say Jim and Denis a plan a plane and a crisis and I think people should know what I'm talking about.

    Since then, they took the Labour plan in another direction….ours !

    Blair (spun -ed) his way to the top and stole the Tory crown for 10 years or at least until the 2003 hooky, jammy election when he was still preaching the mantra of holding a referendum like the out and out (spinner -ed) he is, and as luck would have it, Conservatives were still beating each other over the head about Europe and generally falling out with each other so he got in by the skin of his stupid false smiley teeth.

    Now Labour can't go back !
    Gordon has backed the way forward to his "glorious" future which never comes ! He's in the thick of it and can't get the wriggle room to do a proper U-Turn because he's made so much of pumping himself up and telling everyone how he's the man.

    In fact the only way forward is to the right here and where does that leave the Conservative Party ? Yep, dead centre !!

    I mean it's impossible for Brown to start preaching socialist policies now so he carps on about helping the poor and helping pensioners but fudges it by promising things which never and can't happen……10p tax, insulation for the world ! lol

    So if there's a petticoat challenge then I think he should try hiding behind it and let some other swizzeller have a go at a U-Turn, but nothing they can do short of clearing everyone out of the Labour Party would be good enough to encourage more than a die hard few hangers on to vote for them and as I guess it, most of them are in Scotland where he secured jobs in the shipyards recently by ordering two great hulking aircrafts carriers nobody wants or needs.

    If he's still there in 6 months time I'm buying myself a stack of pitch-forks and I'll happily share them around if anyone needs one.

  5. Johnny Norfolk
    September 13, 2008

    I see some Labour MPs are asking Brown if they can be told what his action plan is, as they have no idea what it is. I can tell them they will not get one, Brown has no idea what to do he can only spend money and he would never cut back on government spending, as that should be the central plank on the way to our solutions.

  6. mikestallard
    September 13, 2008

    I was truly impressed by the junior Whip whose name I have already forgotten. She really did sacrifice her position in the trough for her principles, didn't she? And the fragrant Patricia Hewitt drifting to her car in powder blue frock was, I thought, quite dignified too.

    The problem is that this seems from outside to be a revolt of the foot soldiers. If I were in the Cabinet, I should be really worried.
    But if this is what the foot soldiers look like, I should be even more worried if I were them! I cannot see any of them running ICI……. Or Imperial Tobacco. Or writing a learned couple of books on British Parliamentarians. Or writing a set of books for their blog.
    In fact, to be honest, I can't see them really being wanted anywhere much.

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