Mrs Palin survives

Mrs Palin experienced a rapid descent from media praise after her speech to the Republican Convention. Her stumbles when trying to deal with various interviewers asking her questions she clearly had not thought about before enabled the media to present her as a liability to the ticket. Last night she fiound some of the phrases and some of the attitudes that the Republican base liked when they heard her Convention speech. They want someone to go to Washington who is not a Washignton insider. That will mean she is not necessarily equipped to deal with a “Gotcha” media constantly striving to get themselves into the story by unpending a candidate with a trick quesiotn or a twisted phrase. Maybe there are more important skills in life than the eternal vigilance and patience it takles to handle the ever brasher media. I don’t think worse of Miliband because he was caught holding a banana – it’s his views on the EU I want to see exposed, not his eating habits.


  1. Stuart Fairney
    October 3, 2008

    I don't think worse of Milliband either for said photo, but then, there is little I can imagine Milliband doing that would alter my opinion of him.

  2. mikestallard
    October 3, 2008

    The utterly depressing thing about all this is that we know every single detail about America at the moment.
    So allow me to ask:
    Who is Herr Pottinger?
    What was the job of Peter Mandleson?
    What is the position of President Sarkozy in the EU? Who is going to succeed him and when?
    What is the difference between him and Jose Manuel Barroso?
    When are the nest EU elections?
    Finally, which of the above have I spelled incorrectly?
    The people down at the gym today were buzzing with gossip about their investments, but they had absolutely no idea about writing to their Congressman about it.
    Meanwhile, our own parliament is not even sitting!

    1. Guy Taylor
      October 3, 2008

      You spelt Harry Potter incorrectly.

  3. Rose
    October 4, 2008

    Actually I didn't find Mrs P not up to it – they just weren't used to her rather polite feminine manner in replying. What she said, however hesitant they may have decided her manner to have been, was spot on. Boris is usually spot on too, and shares with her the attribute of not having the political class's way of speaking. That is only one of the reasons they should both have a great future.

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