Lewis Hamilton – pure class

Well done to Lewis – a great champion. He never put a word wrong during a difficult season, and drove brilliantly often enough to emerge the victor. It is especially sweet to see him win after disgraceful racial abuse from so called fans of the sport.


  1. Tony Makara
    November 3, 2008

    What a difference between Lewis and certain premier league footballers! One thing I notice about Lewis Hamilton is that he is very close to his family, they are clearly his mentors, perhaps that tells us something about family values and how they help us to become a rounded person.

  2. Alan Phillips
    November 3, 2008

    Hamilton is a great example of the true role model Britian needs to show what can be achieved with application and honing talent. The easy ride culture is running out of control, brown and co, clearly have cultivated this mentaility.

    Hamilton is also a great example of what Conservatives should be endorsing. Being the best, doesn't mean being offish. Could there be a better example of the person who takes a chance often gets rewards that seem that life hand rewards on a plate. If you apply yourself you can also fall down, he did that last season, did he back away and give up? No he tried harder and overturned the disappointment to his advantage. We as a country need to look after those who try? What we have is a system that punishes the tryer, and punish the ones that fail. Hamilton is the inspiration to keep going and work with, or alongside those that don't comform, those that challenge rules.

    Glock was on the wrong tyres. In effect his maverik choice of tyre could have cost Lewis dear, sliding into him would have done that. The true sense of the title was won over the season, not this race, but this race required a finish of 5th or better and he did just that – a bit like a GE.

    A general election isn't purely won on the work do just before it, its won on getting the policies right in between and picking up points on the way.

    The Tory season in my opinion is where Hamilton was a couple of months back, scoring points but not winning anything. They need to score heavily for a while, get a win and then produce a steady campaign to see the GE through to a winning conclusion.

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