UKIP supports the government in crucial votes yesterday

One of the disappointments yesterday was the voting behaviour of the one UKIP representative in the Commons.
He voted with the government against allowing more time for the debate. He then went on to back the government in the crucial close vote which the government won by just 4 votes.


  1. Yet Another Political Blog
    December 9, 2008

    I agree. His voting pattern was both disappointing and totally bizzare given his political leanings.

    However, by far the most scandelous thing involving Bob Spink yesterday was when he was verbally and physically accosted by Tory MP Brian Binley while addressing the house. Quite how Brian wasn’t thrown out of the chamber for that i’ll never know. It was a disgrace, and one that I never thought i’d see from a Tory MP. It’s usually Labour backbenchers that behave (badly-ed) in the chamber, not Tory backbenchers. I expected better, and I hope the party are both aware of it and privately take him to task for it.

    Labour MP Tom Harris also blogged about the shameful event, although also implicated Tory backbencher and Monmouth MP David Davies in the accosting. BBC Parliament’s viewing angle didn’t show him though, just a clear view of the disgraceful behaviour of Brian Binley.

    Reply: The Speaker saw nothing wrong in Brian’s behaviour.

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