How times change at the Post Office

Every year since I have been an MP I have gone to my local Post Office around 6 am in the morning near Christmas, to thank the postal workers for their extra efforts over the Christmas season, and to wish them a happy Christmas when they reach it. Many of my colleagues do the same.

This year I wanted to go next week just before Christmas. My office was told it had to be today. I accepted and said I would arrive at 6.30 am, to catch the postmen and women before they left the Sorting office. We were told it had to be 8.30 this year.

At 8.30 I have to be at one of my regular Business breakfasts, when I brief local business people on the current economic situation and relevant matters from Parliament. My office explained this to the Post Office, and said it would be better to come early, or failing that later after breakfast, or some other day. We were told it was 8.30 on Friday or nothing.

So nothing it is then. Was it something I wrote on the blog I wonder?

At least I can use this blog to wish all the post employees a very happy Christmas, and to thank them for their work to get the post out in all weathers and at all times over the year. It’s just a pity that management would not allow me to do it person this year.


  1. duncan robertson
    December 19, 2008

    an aspect of blogs, is that people are told a view (they read your blog) then they know things that they should be aware off

    however that reality, some may not care to hear

    then some misguided folk, fight what is in the majority best interest

    they say ignorance is bliss, and i guess it can be; but one has to be up front, and tell people what they need to know

  2. Johnny Norfolk
    December 20, 2008

    The Post Office senior management must have no soul. How small minded of them. They have no idea about morale and that every business is about the people who make it work.

  3. a-tracy
    December 21, 2008

    I think the RM changed the postal workers hours from a 04:30 start leaving the sorting office at 06:30 to a 06:30 start leaving the sorting office at 08:30. So I don’t think they were doing it to be awkward.

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