Happy New Year to you all

Thanks to all the readers and contributors. I look forward to hearing your thoughts during 2009. Doubtless there is going to be plenty to talk about, when we look at the inheritance from 2008!


  1. David Williams
    January 1, 2009

    Dear Mr Redwood

    Thank you for the comments and arguments put forward in your blog. I appreciated your suggestion that I read your blog, which you made in response to my comment on Wat Tyler’s blog about the lack of clarity of your party’s policies. Your party still has much to do, I believe, but it will not be for lack of effort by you.

    Happy New Year.

    David Williams

  2. mikestallard
    January 1, 2009

    And thank you too for an extremely interesting and informative blog which I hugely enjoy.
    Happy New Year! And keep up the good work!

  3. rugfish
    January 2, 2009

    Happy New Year Mr Redwood.
    In 2009, we will all require the stamina of an ox, the vision of a hawk, the patience of a saint and the lungs of ,err…..a person who can shout loudly, if this year is to bring the type of change needed.

    I’ve spotted a piece in today’s TIMES which may interest you.

    This mornings TIMES, leads with an article from Emily Ford, which says: “Time to rethink government for the 21st century”.

    Quoting Juan Domenech, the new global head of public service at Accenture, the consultancy firm, believes that the crisis calls for a “total rethink” of how governments work together, and goes on to make a persuasive political argument for what amounts to ‘globsalisation of politics, security, decision making, and economics.

    Accenture is the ‘consultancy firm’, which ‘advises’ governments and is the same firm which gave the NHS a £12 billion computer which doesn’t work.

    Apparently they’ve conducted a “survey” and declare that “everyone” wants similar things of our politicians whether we live in London or Singapore, and says; “Eighty per cent of the way in which citizens talk about their government is the same anywhere,”

    Despite I’ve never been “surveyed”, don’t know anyone who has, and despite I see no actual survey or agree with what he’s said, and despite I neither believe him or would ever agree that “global government”, “global security” involving a “global database” made by Accenture” or anyone else, is either wanted or needed, and despite I know he’s talking a load of bore-lax, he gets a full page in The Times to talk his rubbish about what amounts to the “New World Order”.

    “People are increasingly sophisticated consumers who want to know about outcomes, not promises”, he says.

    I say, people are sophisticated “people”. They are not measured by how they “consume”, how they “spend”, how much debt you can give them or how much the number you gave them on your data base has added to the “global economy” !!

    Each country should nationalize banking and return profits to the people in lower taxes and health care. When politicians see this is the only way to have a fair society then I’ll vote for globalized banking.

    Each country should stop invading other countries in order to reduce security risks and to avoid the need for a global database where people become strings of binary code like they’re in ‘The Matrix’, and then I’ll vote for global harmony.

    Countries should stop multiculturalism and mass immigration and help to reduce crime and the need for massive spending programmes backed up by yet more computers along with polarised decision making which removes freedoms and liberties but just happens to make a shed load of money for companies which produce databases to control passports, RFid chips, DNA databases and anything else which it can dream up to watch us, control us, and make money from, and then I’ll vote for global freedom as opposed to global economic oppression by rich elite who sell us computers we don’t need.

    Countries should nationalize drug companies and share life saving medication with the world in return for peace. Then I’ll vote for global peace as opposed to the global bore-lax spouted by New World Order spokesmen who simply wants to make money and to control a world of mindlessly controlled “citizen consumers”, who are reduced to binary numbers on number of databases in the name of “Government for the 21st century”.

    No thanks I say !

    I hope you will do all you can to help convince your colleagues to stop this happening Mr Redwood.

  4. Alison Saville
    January 2, 2009

    Thank you for a hugely enjoyable and educational blog. A very happy new year to you and your family, and please keep up the good work for many years to come!

  5. Michael Corby
    January 3, 2009

    Happy New John – and well done you articles are compulsive reading, and spot on.

    Interest rates appear scheduled to be cut yet again, but as the banks and building societies are wriggling out of passing on cuts to what purpose? Simply a lower pound bringing with it inflation.

    And what will happen in a few years when inflation roars ahead? Any recovery in the housing market will be knocked on its head as interest rates rise.

    Hopefully your warnings will be heeded.

    Very best wishes

    Michael E Corby

      January 3, 2009

      As we’ve said before the the best political blog in the UK..wise, informative, well-argued and easy to understand.
      And clearly an awful lot of work!

      Thank you John – we only latched onto your site fairly recently but already we see there ARE solutions to this nightmare as well as firm lessons. How pathetic that Brown is not a big enough man to concede a bright idea to anyone else – particularly you! – in a time of crisis.

      HAPPY 2009 and do keep up the excellent work!

      Reply: Thanks, and happy new year.

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