Do you need a makeover?

In this age of spin, where appearances are preferred over reality, this site concentrates on the underlying truths of the situation. Instead of believing there will be no more boom and bust, or acccepting that we have an independent Bank which is all wise, this site looks at what is happening underneath the lies, and tells it is as it is, often from the official figures and from the official footnotes which tell a different story to the headline.

Presentation can also be important. Successful presentation presents you or the government as they are. It puts the best complexion on the purpose and the thrust of action and policy. It encourages you to put your best foot forward, or to the put the best face on something. It will not work if your foot or your face do not engage. It should not struggle to distort, cover over or divert the true course of what is happening. It strives to bring the best features out of what is there and what you are seeking to do or create. The problem with so much spin is the spinners think they can con all the people all the time. In practise they can only manage to con some of the people some of the time. In the process they can give good presentation a bad name. You need to live your brand. You cannot pretend you have a different one.

So who needs a make-over? If you wish to live your dream, you need to look the part. It is easier to command authority and respect when teaching if you wear a suit, than if you seek to look like the teenage students on a day off. You are more likely to land the job you need if you shave or make up well, put on your best clothes and turn up on time for the interview. You are more likely to perform well if you feel good about yourself. It is easier to play your chosen sport if you have the right equipment.

So there is only one person who knows whether you need a new make over for a new decade. That is you. If you are fed up with what you are and what you are doing, then try something else. If you aspire for something beyond your reach, you may end up achieving something worthwhile that would not have happened if you did not bother. First look the part, then practise playing the part. Study those who are really good at what you want to do. Live, read, watch, study, breath the interest you wish to pursue. Think what you want to do is more important than another trip to the pub or another tv programme you dont really need to watch.

The better you become at something, the more fun it is. The better you become at it, the more you will learn about it.