Bracknell News 50th anniversary message

The Bracknell News is fifty years young. When the journalists start to look young you know you have a bit of experience behind you, but fifty is the new forty. I expect the Bracknell News to show plenty of vim and vigour in the years ahead.

Local newspapers do an important job. They bring the community together. They enable us to share the highs and lows with the neighbours, to tell people about forthcoming events and great services available in our locality. They allow us to say “thank you” to those who have done good things or have served us well. They let us send sympathy to those going through difficult times, and congratulations to those riding high on success.

In these dark days of recession, with falling advertising revenues and economic stress, it is not easy reporting the local news. We look to the papers to tell it as it is. We also need them to help raise our spirits from time to time, so we can get through this trough of gloom.