John Redwood versus Derek Draper

Thanks to the University of Manchester Conservative Future for transcribing the debate between John Redwood and Derek Draper from the Nolan Show last weekend. You can read the transcript or listen to the original exchange by clicking here.


  1. Publius
    April 3, 2009

    Draper is such an embarrassment.

  2. Jeremy Poynton
    April 3, 2009


    The link above – do tell them that pale grey script, with a pale grey background for the whole page, makes it illegible for this 57 year old with relatively good sight.

    They should talk to some web accessibility folks about how to improve it. And go to the RNIB site for advice

    Did he bother to shave for the event? Or wash his hair? (Unflattering comment left out – ed)

  3. Mr Grymme Harbinger
    April 3, 2009

    Boy oh boy I enjoyed that! It tells you something about how they view the electorate when they send in a ‘psychotherapist’ to do an economists job.

  4. mikestallard
    April 3, 2009

    I hugely enjoyed reading of Derek Draper’s desperate attempts to pursue the Labour Party Line. I thought he did it rather well. It is a very weak case, but, to my surprise, do you know what? I think he believes it!

  5. Mr C
    April 4, 2009


    By chance I heard your discussion with Draper on BBC 5 Live when it originally went out. Draper’s rantings, rude interruptions and ignorance of the subject matter were obvious to me as a listener. That the Labour party thinks that Draper is a fit person to debate anything with anyone shows how low that party’s standards have fallen.

    Nonetheless, John, I think you need to take every opportunity to nail the oft repeated Labour lie that the current financial crisis has anything to do with Tory deregulation of the City or support for the same.

    I know that you have always been in favour of more effective regulation, focused on institutions’ holdings of capital and cash, the ineffective, bureaucratic tripartite, tick box nonsense introduced by Brown and New Labour.

    In short, you have argued for better, relevant regulation, not more regulation for its own sake.

    That distinction is lost on financial illiterates like Draper, who wish to deflect attention from the many incompetences of Brown anyway. However, we cannot assume that the wider public appreciates the distinction hence the need to bang the drum – again and again and again!

    April 4, 2009

    We’ve got into looking back on our previous blogs again and can add little to our comments on Draper in January…except that your transcript shows no improvement in his behaviour or his ability to see through both eyes!
    Labour are really scraping the barrel to be fielding him so often and we think it fair to conclude that JR administered a Definitive Dolly Draper Drubbing!


    January 22nd, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    Draper’s new website Labourlist is an abombination of bias and vitriol! It constantly lavishes praise on The Great Leader and, unlike the successful right and centre right sites, can never succeed with this style in the blogosphere..we give it 6 months.
    Mr Draper himself is a strange fellow. A real ‘psychiatrist’ or whatever qualification he personally claims, would have no hesitation in introducing him to an anger management program. If our ‘psychologically flawed’ PM (that’s a Labour description from one who knows him remember) is taking his advice from this Angry not-so-young Man we should all be scared but not surprised at the PR rail crash around the bend!
    No hard feelings Derek – at least do you have a laugh on us by wooing & winning the lovely Kate Garraway

  7. Will S
    April 6, 2009

    @Jeremy Poynton

    I do apologise for the difficulties you may have had in reading the text. Unfortunately I’m not sure what the quick-fix is, otherwise I would apply it.

    The blockquote feature does unfortunately pale the text a little, but this could be easily resolved by copy-pasting the text into word processing software.

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