John Redwood welcomes projected timetable for Emm Brook flood defence work

John Redwood has expressed disappointment that the Environment Agency thinks it unlikely they will secure Government funding for a flood prevention scheme near the Emm Brook, but welcomes news that they will instead be promoting the scheme from the levy raised by their Regional Flood Defence Committee.

The Emm Brook project will introduce several measures to hold excess water during times of heavy rainfall, including a flood storage option adjacent to and upstream of the Tesco shop in Wokingham. Subject to the results of the Emm Book Options Study, which will be completed in November, the Environment Agency expects design work to begin this year and construction to start at the beginning of the next financial year.

Speaking about the flood protection plan, John Redwood said: “While it is disappointing that Government funding has not materialised, I am pleased there does now seem to be tangible progress, including an estimate of when work will begin”.

“The flood defences around the Emm Brook do need attention. I have found it most frustrating that while everyone recognises this and there has been endless meetings, discussion and correspondence on the subject, this has not been sufficiently matched by action on the ground”.

“Let’s hope they now stick to the timetable they are talking about. Along with the recent awarding of a flood grant for work on Sylvester Close and the Environment Agency’s recent maintenance work on the Emm Brook, I am hopeful that this is a sign our message is finally getting through”.