The state of the US according to team Obama

The following came as an email:

“These lies (about health care reform) create fear and anger, and we’re seeing the results around the country. Frightened crowds have flooded Town halls, and the office of Georgia representative was defaced …. While Americans watch their pay cheques dwindle, their (insurance) coverage disappear,and their businesses struggle…”

They should know!


  1. Mike Stallard
    August 20, 2009

    I don’t do American politics. But when I have accidentally bumped into emails and blogs from USA, I have noticed that they are much more robust than ours. I loved the one of Obama as the Joker, for instance!
    We seem terrified of saying the wrong thing nowadays – except for spin merchants who seem to break all the rules and get away with it. Remember Mr Purnell being smeared ? Or Sir Richard Dannatt’s expenses “scandal”.

  2. Matthew Reynolds
    August 20, 2009

    The Times is dead right about this sterile healthcare debate which is the NHS vs the US system ! The Americans will not introduce a Soviet style medical system anymore than the UK will adopt the US system. Why should the UK double its health spend as a share of GDP, let costs rip and withdraw coverage from the millions who cannot afford health insurance ? Why should the US accept rationing, lack of consumer choice and bumper budgets for medical QUANGO’s ?

    Quite simply Andy Burnham & his US counterpart need to be honest, accept that neither the US or UK system is that good and accept that the best features are to be found in the French system. Then they ought to legislate for French style Social Insurance ASAP !

    That could solve many healthcare problems in the US & UK as the American system could bankrupt the USA while the NHS faces a big financial shortfall owing to the fiscal deficit and weak tax revenues ( neither Tory or Labour want more private funds to bridge the gap). By bringing in the 50p tax band Labour could drive away enough wealth creators and depress revenues to make NHS privatisation a viable option as spending ever more on a Soviet system becomes impossible as a smaller state is needed to rescue the UK from fiscal ruin. Also with a Tory government if the voucher type plan for schools & paying private firms to get the jobless back to work improve things drastically and an unreformed socialist health service is doing badly by comparison (i.e. poor outcomes , big spends , little choice , rationing etc) then pressure could build on David Cameron & co to be as bold with NHS reform as they are being with welfare & schools. People might ask if market forces work with my local schools & with getting the long-term jobless back to work then why not apply the same approach with health ?

    I hope that all this is of interest !

  3. Citizen Responsible
    August 21, 2009

    Earlier this year, Congress passed a budget of $3.4 trillion – the biggest budget of any government in U.S. history. If President Obama’s predictions are correct, his government will run up as much debt in the next 4 years as President Bush did in 8 years. Americans are now seeing this and are worried about where it will all end.

  4. Chip Herman
    August 21, 2009

    Matthew Reynolds…while we need your wisdom and clear-minded observation, the facts in reality are that government doesn’t give a rip about public health care, government is only in business for government welfare tax dole jobs and corporate skim-off profits.

    Look at that inconvenient truth, in the doubling and redoubling deficits on both sides of the pond, and realize ‘social engineering’ however we might hope it will go off, is not the same kind of ‘social engineering’ UK MPs and US Congress have in mind for us.

    As much as we need your wisdom, we need debate in revolution, NOW to overthrow the Wehrmacht, before we’ll all living in internally displaced refugee camps in our own country. e.g. There are between 11M and 15M permanent American homeless now!

    Reply: Peaceful and democratic I trust, as this site is dedicated to democratic means for improving our lives.

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