John Redwood welcomes work at Arborfield weirs

John Redwood has welcomed news that the Environment Agency and Thames Water are to carry out work on the weirs at Arborfield in a bid to improve the area’s flood defences.

The River Loddon is controlled by two overfalls and two adjustable weirs at Arborfield Mill. Thames Water own the land and are responsible for the maintenance of the site, but residents have complained that the weirs are set in a manner which fails to adequately protect from flooding.

John wrote to the Environment Agency last month asking them to make adjustments, and in their response they say that they are working with Thames Water to carry out the necessary changes. They will be reducing the level of the fixed crest weir, which will reduce upstream water leaks, and this work is due to be completed in March.

John Redwood said: “I am pleased there is some progress and that Thames Water and the Environment Agency are carrying out their responsibilities. I am grateful to the various residents’ groups who have pursued this diligently. However, much more needs to be done to improve the flood defences, and overall progress is far too slow”.

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  1. Matt
    January 15, 2010

    You failed to mention that this is likely to move the problem further down stream. An issue that residents groups don't care about as it is no longer their problem!

    Reply: I have been told they are optimising the flows to avoid just shunting it downstream. Of course that needs watching, and I have asked that more water containment capacity needs to be identified within the system for flood times.

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