John Redwood visits the Mortimer Chocolate stand at Pudding Lane Nursery, Arborfield

John met Adrian Smith who founded the Mortimer Chocolate Company after a career spanning nearly 20 years with a food company. The produce comes from small growers who nurture their cocoa to produce fine quality beans which are into 100% plain chocolate powder, retaining its unique flavour with no need for additives.

The company works with local growers towards Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade Accreditation. Although some growers are just too small for such a step, the Mortimer Chocolate Company is currently working with a co-operative in Ghana to do just that.

As well as making delicious hot chocolate drinks, this unique range of global chocolate powders can be used for cooking, particularly in recipes requiring a good quality dark chocolate.

The company is very much a family business with Adrians wife Felicity’s nutritional and culinary expertise in experimenting with a variety of recipes for both sweet and savoury recipes which you can obtain from their website.