Letter to the Transport Secretary

Dear Lord Adonis,

I am writing on behalf of constituents in Wokingham whom I represented in the last Parliament who are stranded abroad. There are many people away on business or on holiday who now need to return to the UK as soon as possible. They have jobs to attend, school lessons to go to, exams to sit – they need to resume their normal lives. Most of those stranded cannot spare either the time or the money to pay for extra nights in hotels. I am also writing on behalf of people whose businesses need to use flights to receive and visit customers and potential customers, or to receive and distribute parts and goods.

Several days have now passed with people waiting and with goods piled up in warehouses pending shipment. There can be no firm date given for the resumption of normal flying. I would like your assurance that the government now regards this matter as urgent, and is looking at solutions to get people and goods moving again. If flying is going to remain impossible into the leading UK airports, can arrangements be made to fly people to the nearest open airport, and then to create sea and rail services from that nearest airport to destinations in the UK? Isn’t this now a national emergency? Can’t we bring more transport into use, including military transport if necessary? Can arrangements be made to ensure the transit of important import and export items by whatever means can be made to work?

I do hope you as an unelected Minister can give this matter your urgent and prime attention despite the Election, and can act in the national interest, keeping the Opposition parties informed as you develop a response.

Yours sincerely

John Redwood
Conservative Candidate for the Wokingham constituency.

Promoted by Christine Hill on behalf of John Redwood, both of 30 Rose Street Wokingham RG40 1XU


  1. Chris Woolley
    April 18, 2010

    Good luck with getting a reply, if you look at Adonis' record, he talks a great fight, but never actually gets to implementation on anything. He colluded with Balls in further wrecking schools whilst talking up change and academies.
    Quite how he has managed to flit about from party to party picking up pay for no action starts you wondering what he knows.

    The navy should be bringing people from French ports even as we speak, but it seems that the people are no longer a priority.

  2. Rich
    April 19, 2010

    John, he'll let you know, once he's heard back from his bosses at Eurocontrol!

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