Letter to Leader of West Berkshire Council

Dear Graham,

I am writing on behalf of constituents who live in the Crescent, and along the A4 from Lower Padworth to Aldermaston.

The residents are concerned about the impact of the tip on their amenity and on the highways in the area. You have set up a liaison group for them, but they feel it is a talking shop which does not take their problems seriously or provide answers.

They have two particular demands, which seem to me reasonable, and which might help a bit. The first is to improve the road access from the Crescent onto the main road, as they find it difficult to get out onto the main highway network given the intensification of traffic on the A4. The second is to improve the screening of the waste site to help with visual impact, noise and other effects.

I would be grateful if you would look into this for me, and help residents to achieve some modest improvement in their local environment, as they feel their interests have been neglected.

Yours sincerely