Earley Resource Centre

Last week I was invited to visit the Centre. I was most impressed. It is the Big Society in operation, long before it became a slogan for a party and a government. The Centre caters for people of all views and requirements.

Charitable money has been well used to build a Centre which offers meeting and event rooms, offices, a coffee bar and lunch venue. Many charities use the facilities. There is a notice board system to keep the community in touch with itself. There are training sessions to help those needing jobs or wanting to switch jobs, facilities used by local public services, and regular lunches for those who want to drop in and enjoy some company when they eat.

It’s become so popular they are planning to build an extension to cater for the demand. Much of the work is done by volunteers.

I say “Well done” to Bob Ames and his team at the Centre. I wish them every success in carrying on providing that back up and support to people, charities and clubs in the Earley area.

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  1. Alan Jutson
    August 20, 2010

    A good facility indeed.

    Clearly you noticed the Woodley and Early Lions contribution of furnishing the coffee bar, and indeed many other organisations who contributed to this well used venue.

    Good to see an MP taking stock of their surroundings.

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