Mr David Miliband undermines his brother’s big day

David Miliband’s refusal to answer the simple question, does he want to be in Shadow Cabinet, is a distraction Ed Miliband could do without. Mr David’s carefully contrived soundbite that he does not wish to distract from Ed’s day and week achieves the opposite of what it says.

If Mr David wants to help his brother he should make a simple statement that he will support him in any way the new Leader chooses, and will – or will not – be running for Shadow Cabinet. It is difficult to see why people think he would make a good new Head of the IMF. I seem to remember Mr Davidf Miliband supported all of Mr Brown’s disastrous economic policies which got the UK economy and banks into such a mess. The world does not need more of such misjudgment. I do not recall Mr Miliband warning against the credit boom, nor warning that the authorities then overdid the bust.


  1. Brian Tomkinson
    September 28, 2010

    His reluctance to say he is standing for the shadow cabinet surely suggests that he will go. Just why the media think he could be the head of the IMF is a mystery to me but then they also thought Brown was suitable. What is somewhat irritating is the hyperbole surrounding a very mediocre politician who has never done anything else.

  2. Andy
    September 28, 2010

    Some Ottoman Sultans, upon their accession, use to have their brothers and half-brothers strangled with a silken cord. Red Ed would be well advised to do likewise.

    If banana boy does stand for the shadow cabinet he will have to be either shadow Chancellor or shadow Foreign Secretary. He will soon be the focus of plots and division even if he is 'loyal' – it is Blair/Brown all over again. If he goes to the back benches he will be a rallying figure for all manner of malcontent. The best option is for him to leave the stage – after a suitable length of time resign his seat and actually get a job ! Be an experience for him.

    Other than that there is always the silken cord.

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