Happy Christmas!


          I trust you have better things to do than blog today. A very happy Christmas to all my readers. I’m off to cook the turkey.


  1. lifelogic
    December 25, 2010

    Taking a day off !

    Outrageous and surely its a goose with a lovely stuffed neck isn’t it?

  2. WitteringsfromWitney
    December 25, 2010

    And a very Happy Christmas with best wishes for the New Year to you and yours, Mr. R.

  3. Acorn
    December 25, 2010

    May your turkey cooking be quantitatively easy; your gravy be fully liquid; and Tier one of your Christmas cake be fully solvent and stuffed with Euro coins. We recommend you put your Brussels on the back burner and forget them till 2013.

    Eat well JR; get your strength up. We am getting the feeling that this site is going to be very busy in 2011; there is a perfect debt storm coming.

  4. Bill
    December 25, 2010

    happy Christmas – thanks for the blog

  5. Cliff.
    December 25, 2010

    Hi John,

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you and yours and a big thank you for all your efforts as my MP and this great blog!!!.

    Dinner will be served straight after The Queen’s speech, as is our custom.

    My Christmas has been slightly tinged this year because, over the last few days on my favourite radio station that plays golden oldies all day, I have been bombarded with messages from Dot Gov, something I thought we were stopping.
    I do wonder however, how I’ve managed to survive for well over half a century without Dot Gov telling me to watch out for dodgy traders, to drink hot soup when it’s cold, to shut doors, recycle to save the planet and to get Dot Gov to advise me how to keep my home safe for my kids; How did we manage to raise our family back then without Nanny Dot Gov?

    Anyway, again, a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and to everyone that reads this blog.

    By the way, my congratulations to the BBC for last night’s coverage of the midnight mass from Liverpool….Excellent!!

  6. lifelogic
    December 25, 2010

    It always seemed to me that the art of a good government is broadly to say the things that keep people happy while doing things behind the scenes that are deeply sensible.

    Do you think in the new year Cameron might be persuaded try this approach rather than the complete opposite of talking of deep cuts in public expenditure and regulation and the repatriation or limitation of EU powers while actually doing the almost complete reverse?

    1. lifelogic
      December 26, 2010

      He could start by saying –

      In 2011 we will ensure that as much money as possible will be left with individuals and businesses. As true Conservatives we recognise that individuals generally spend or invest funds far more wisely and efficiently than does government.

      To this end will will back out of the half baked Irish bail out, we will abandon our silly expensive green energy, HS2 and transport policy and stop paying for propaganda to promote it. We will half the size of the state and cut taxes by a similar proportion. We reduce our relationship with the EU to free trade only and we will do it now. We did it in Hong Kong and we can do it here.

      I will not then go ahead with my Happiness Index as it will clearly be superfluous and we can all look forward to winning the next three general elections as people see all the positive results and investment that will ensue.

  7. Rollo
    December 26, 2010

    I hope your turkey was as good as ours I am sure it was.
    I wonder if your fellow bloggers might care to share their experience of their offsprings observations on UK 2010. I good number will have had the ‘compulsory’ £500k spent on their private education so they should be able to see through ‘daily this or that’ pap (diplomatic eh!) or ‘pub/ wine bar’ chat. I share two ” the bankers are all to blame” (answer in less than 30 seconds with mouth full of figgy pudding) and how that Gove chap is wrecking education. Trick here, I dared to ask why 40% of children leaving primary schools were deficient in R&R………..All in the interests of paternal love!
    Ah well, back to the Left overs. Happy Christmas to all

  8. norman
    December 26, 2010

    A belated Merry Christmas to all, and three cheers for the English cricket team! Let’s hope we can see in the New Year with the retention of the Ashes!

  9. Geoff not Hoon
    December 26, 2010

    Mr. Redwood, Belated seasons greetings to you and your’s. I wish I knew what was in Wokingham’ s water that gives you such energy to run such an interesting blog whilst being an MP for the 23rd or 24th year in succession. As someone said above 2011 is going to be a year not to miss as far as good blogs go so I hope you get plenty of rest, water or whatever, before the new year proper.
    Very best wishes and thank you.

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