Well done England – the team won the Ashes with style

  Great batting, great bowling, brilliant fielding. This team has it all. More importantly, they had the grit and determination to win, saving the first test when it seemed lost, and bouncing back after  defeat in another. Their story shows you can live your dream if you work hard, take nothing for granted, and never give up.


  1. Acorn
    January 7, 2011

    At least we have one coalition that works! One that had a clear strategy and chose its players to fit that strategy. One that arrived on the pitch actually knowing the rules of the game and how to play them like a Banker.

    It was all so easy to build the bonfire of Quangos when in opposition.. In government, the reality is oh so different. The Civil Service easily bamboozles the new Ministers and makes sure that nothing changes much. The Civil Service knows how to keep its bread well and truly buttered and knows where all the butter is hidden. The Civil Service only works for the government of the day, not the opposition. Hence, the opposition can never have sufficient arms and ammunition to hit the ground running when they become the government. The new government is easily overwhelmed by the far superior firepower of the Civil Service and the Lobby.

    This is all starting to look like the same old same old. As I posted back in November (“What has happened to deregulation?). According to SLD, there are 48,634 pieces of primary and secondary legislation listed in its UK database. If this government manages to repeal one percent of those, it will be a miracle.”

    Now we hear from the BBC, the poor public sector will suffer terribly with high inflation during the “pay freeze”, while the private sector gets up to three percent. Except the incremental progression up the current pay scales will still continue in the public sector; worth between two and four percent a year. Only the cost of living increase of the whole pay scale is frozen. So the public sector only gets one pay rise a year instead of two, I feel so sorry for them and their underfunded pensions.

    Must go now, I have to blow a million left in the budget, else the buggers will cut me back next year. Still, my bonus is safe and I have spotted a nice little Quango for my retirement that that guy from the Lobby has given me the wink for.

  2. alan jutson
    January 7, 2011

    Yes, an excellent result indeed.

    As well as the bowlers and batsmen, we now seem to have a wicketkeeper who can score runs as well.

    A good all round performance.

    1. alan jutson
      January 7, 2011

      Must not also forget, they also have a leader and Captain who is determined, puts himself on the line (leading by example) is single minded to win, and uses the talents within the team to best advantage.

      The only spinner used has some real talent, and also gets results.

      Now I wonder……………………………..No, too much to ask.

      1. a-tracy
        January 7, 2011

        Good comment. I was thinking along the same lines.

  3. lifelogic
    January 7, 2011

    Also don’t try compete by running a manufacturing business in the UK when both the UK government and China are set against you and clearly have all the cards.

    1. lifelogic
      January 7, 2011

      And of course Congratulation to the Cricket Team too though I never see any of it any more.

      You say “Their story shows you can live your dreams if you work hard, take nothing for granted, and never give up.”

      Yes but only if pick battles wisely and in places and areas where you have a fair chance and best if the state is not actively working against you.

      1. alan jutson
        January 7, 2011


        Good point that you make.

        Different result if:

        Our Government tax our team at 50% of their runs earned, and make us bat one handed.

        The Aussies tax their team at only 20% of their runs earned but allow them to bat with both hands.

        We then lose the series.

        This is what happens in real life in business, when competing with overseas operations which have lower taxes, cheaper power, and less regulation .

        Just shows what can happen on a level playing field, where the same rules apply.

  4. Stuart Fairney
    January 7, 2011

    Great news indeed, and a small personal confession, I thought taking Cook was a mistake! (So slightly wrong on that one).

    I am also slightly enjoying behaving with decorum towards a couple of Aussies I know ~ they have been expecting a lot of flak for days now. When curiosity finally gets too much for them, I shall explain this is the difference between being British and Australian.

  5. George Rowley
    January 7, 2011

    Yes England did it and in excellent style I hope we can do the same with our economic programme

  6. Duyfken
    January 7, 2011

    Yes, well done England and congratulations on a great result.

    And that from this Oz native.

  7. Alte Fritz
    January 7, 2011

    I used to dream of being able to run out a batsman as poor Watson was run out.

  8. sammymehaffey
    January 7, 2011

    I am delighted with the result but we must not get too carried away. India are a much more difficult proposition at the moment

  9. Mark
    January 8, 2011

    Some crushing performances from England, which are always welcome. But the opposition was not up to the standard of five years ago: that was the best series of Test cricket in my lifetime, with two closely matched teams fighting it out and no shame for the vanquished, yet great credit to the victors.

    The scale of England’s dominance at cricket rather matches the scale of Chinese dominance at economic success. The reasons are similar: maximise the use of your best resources, and don’t handicap them, but give them plenty of encouragement and support. Make sure they have plenty of energy for the task at hand.

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