Wokingham Careers Fair to be held on 6th October 2011 at the Loddon Valley Leisure Centre.

The Wokingham Secondary Federation are organising a Careers Fair on 6th October 2011. It will be held at the Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, Lower Earley, Wokingham. Last year this event attracted over 2000 young people, over 400 came with their parents.

Click on this link to see the venue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTMmpEBl-8c

The following opportunities will be available:

  1. To interact with potential employees
  2. To help young people make informed decisions
  3. To help young people understand the qualifications they need
  4. To promote your company to hundreds of young people and their parents

John Redwood, who is supportive of this event, said “I welcome the excellent initiative by the Wokingham Secondary Federation to organise a Careers Fair. It will be a great opportunity for young people to meet potential employers and to learn more about the wide range of opportunities available for future jobs. It will also be good for local employers to make contact with the student talent we have in Wokingham. I wish everyone involved a successful and fruitful day” .

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  1. janedrain
    February 7, 2012

    could you please tell me when the next careers fair is at loddon valley leisure centre…….thank you or………near by 🙂 x

    Reply: I have not been notified of another. I suggest you contact Wokingham Borough Council to ask.

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