Visit to CAB Wokingham


           I went to see the CAB in Wokingham on 31st August. It was a pleasure to meet volunteers who give so generously of their time and expertise. I thanked them on behalf of the local community.

           They reported that debt remains the number one problem people  bring to them, closely followed by benefit claims. I reminded them that where there are a number of similar problems and it seems to them that the underlying government policy or law might be at fault, I would be happy to have a look at it and take it up with Ministers.


  1. Nick
    August 31, 2011

    They reported that debt remains the number one problem people bring to them, closely followed by benefit claims.


    Invariably, both are a consequence of government policy.

    1. Benefits. Rather than allowing people to build up a pot of savings for a rainy day, the government has taxed people to the hilt. End result, no compound interest on the money. For example for a pension, 20% of the income is contributions, 80% is interest.

    Add on top the waste of money, with all the administration, and its not a good deal.

    For example, median wage earner would have had a pension of 21K a year, instead they get 5K a year. That’s the extent of the rip off.

    Look at ICB. No doubt a lot of what is now in front of the CAB. 93% were getting it, but are capable of some sort of work. Finally that has been fixed. 400 bn down the drain there.

    As for debt, what about government debts? Still being hidden off the books, and I’m not talking PFI.

    Nowhere in the government books do the pension liabilities appear.

    I seem to remember John you promised prior to the election that this would be published?

    Another one of those ‘promises’ to get elected, and then, nah, we’re in for 5 years, go away.

    reply: There have been government figures for the pension deficits. I have reported on it on this site in the past. The government has produced much larger and more accurate figures for the state’s debts.

  2. scottspeig
    September 1, 2011


    The main issue at moment is inflation.

    I am stuck on a frozen wage (down to 4 day week too) in the private sector. Not min wage, but not great. With rising inflation, I am now starting to control strictly the money I now get. And it becomes bittersweet next month as the fixed rate mortgage comes to an end and so while inflation hurts at the moment, soon, the low rate from the BoE will give me a boost. Still, The many must outweigh the few and so you need to keep on combatting inflation (Which you have commented on vastly already!)

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