The Home Secretary attends Wokingham Conservatives annual dinner


      On friday night 110 local Conservatives held a dinner  with Mrs May as the guest of honour.

      It was a great evening out, thanks to the food and service at the Coppid Beech Hotel.

      The Home Secretary gave a good speech explaining the actions taken at the time and in the aftermath of the looting in cities this summer.  She said that the police decided to put enough officers onto the streets to tackle the problem, and decided to start arresting criminals as they were embarking on their crimes. In past situations the police have tended to make arrests after the event, following the study of CCTV fottage and other evidence. Once the police took this new  approach, the looting was brought under control.

             The Home Secretary assured us lessons had been learned from these events. Members present took the opportunity to put other worries to Mrs May.

           For more details contact Andrea Stephenson on 01189 629501.


  1. Sue
    September 26, 2011

    Did you ask her about our failed immigration policies and what she is going to do about the dire situation? Jobless migrants with 5 or 6 kids that the taxpayer is funding? The ridiculous human rights policies that protect the immigrant criminals? (You know, the first duty of any government is to protect it’s citizens and you lot can’t even get that one right).

    (3rd example removed-ed)

    No wonder our country is skint!

    Reply: No, no-one asked her about immigration in the question session which followed the speech, though they could have done so if they wished.

  2. Horatio McSherry
    September 26, 2011

    John, the London riots gave the police an excellent opportunity to gain some urgently and painfully needed brownie points from the public. However, we saw on television the police stood in groups watching businesses torched in front of them. We saw on television the police stood watching children as young as eleven smash shop windows then push past them with plasma TVs under their arms. We saw on television the police only speaking out against business and home owners who grouped together to protect their property from looters when they realised the police were going to stand by and watch; all because the police wanted to make a political statement about funding cuts. The same police who on every news programme blamed their lack of action on demoralisation and under-funding.

    Unfortunately all the police did was cement the knowledge that they aren’t there for anyone except their own perpetuity.

  3. Dave
    September 26, 2011


    If the above was a correct quote of what Mrs May said in her speech, then I have to totally agree with HM. Having watched hours and hours of TV coverage the quote “the police decided to put enough officers onto the streets to tackle the problem, and decided to start arresting criminals as they were embarking on their crimes” did not appear to take place, unless the coverage was so biased it was deliberately missed.

    And from the TV viewers viewpoint it was never actually “brought under control” the lull was probably due to the vans/arms were full and the loot was homeward bound. The police then emerged to arrest tramps and passers-by who were stupidly tempted to nick hooch/water/ice cream.

  4. Badgerbill
    September 26, 2011

    I spoke to a police sergeant this afternoon. He informs me that all of those who are arrested and have no convictions are given a caution on the directions of the CPS and it takes an hour and a half to get through on the phone.

    A caution is a let off. The more that offenders are arrested and cautioned the more we will have riots and unlawful behaviour.

    This is one of the problems of having liberal minded middle class people making decisions who are unaffected by what criminal activity goes on.

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