Visit to Wokingham Royal Mail

On Monday morning I called in at the Brodd Street office to meet the postal staff sorting the mail ready for their morning rounds. I thanked them on behalf of the local community for handling all the mail, and wished them all a Happy Christmas.

The trend to more packets continues, with more and more people making purchases via the internet. The Royal Mail is responding by using more vans to take out the deliveries, to help handle the extra weight and bulk.


  1. Guy Aston
    December 21, 2011

    All the finest postal vans in the world won’t help if at 11.30 in the morning the parcel won’t go through the letterbox and guess what…no one is home. I spent 25 minutes in a huge queue at my local sorting office on Saturday morning collecting several parcels. Customers cars were queued way up the road trying to get in!

    Were there extra deliveries at weekends when folks are home? No chance. Sorry, but they really must do better.

    1. Ben Kelly
      December 21, 2011

      Why not get your parcels delivered to your work address?

      You could continue to bring shopping hoe and it would still feel like Christmas.

      Would you pay more for your delivery to get it at the weekend? Most wouldn’t.

    2. alan jutson
      December 24, 2011


      Yes had the same experience a few months ago.

      Compare to a recently sent parcel by Amerzon, delivered by courier at 9.30 in the evening, as most private couriers work on a payment made only upon delivery basis.

      Having said the above, the Post office is a national postal service for letters, at a known fixed price anywhere in the UK.

  2. Jim Mothersole
    December 21, 2011

    Shame the service gets worse and the cost keeps rising, have you ever tried to find somewhere to complain to on their web site. I still haven’t found it.

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