Equitable Life


            I attended today the All Party Group on Equitable Life compensation at the request of constituents. The Group’s executive raised a number of important issues about who is eligible for compensation, how the compensation is calculated, when people will receive their cheques, and if more information will be made available for them to be able to check their payment calculation.

              The issues raised need Ministerial answer. I agreed with the meeting that the MP officers of the Group should write another letter to the  Minister, Mr Hoban, on behalf of all our constituents. I will keep you posted about this when we get a reply.


  1. Rebecca Hanson
    April 26, 2012

    I’ve never thought I was in line for any compensation from Equitable Life for my pension but then I got a letter a month or so ago saying I was. I meant to fill it in but had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. I don’t understand why I’m entitled or what I might be entitled to.

  2. David Langley
    April 27, 2012

    I am getting my compensation based on letters and schedules of payments which end in2020.
    My scheme was the With-Profits Annuity scheme.
    The letter and schedule states that payments will extend beyond 2020 for those applicable cases. I am not sure if that means me. Payments are based on the relative loss or relative gain.
    There is a mass of paperwork supporting the calculations attached to the schedules and statement.
    I thought this issue would have been done and dusted by these results clearly not.
    What exactly are the issues that are unresolved and exciting the interest of this “All Parties Group”?

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