Tragedy at Ufton Nervet


            I was saddened today to hear of another accident at the Ufton Nervet railway crossing.  I  understand a scooter rider was knocked down and killed by the oncoming Paddington to Taunton train.

             I send my condolences to the rider’s family. It will come as a great shock to lose a loved one so suddenly like that.

             The train was brought to a halt without any injury to people on board. Preliminary reports suggest that the crossing was working as it should.   I have asked to be kept informed, and will of course take action should those involved wish me to assist them.


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  1. Derek Emery
    May 24, 2012

    Would level crossings be safer if both sides of the road were gated so people would not be able to go though if they thought there was no train coming? Today it would be easy to have sensors that detected if someone had been caught on track between closing gates and lift the gates temporarily.

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