Crossing the railway in West Berkshire


       Several people have written to me to complain that Network Rail is closing bridges at both Aldermaston Wharf and Sulhamstead Hill for replacement works at the same time. According to the West Berkshire website the works will continue at Sulhamstead Hill until 11 July and at Aldermaston until September.

       I am taking this up with West Berkshire,the highways authority, and the railway. It would be much better if these works have to be done to do them one after the other rather than at the same time. Local businesses complain that they had little warning, and it is causing extra cost and delays.

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  1. Barry Oblivion
    June 5, 2012

    Surely changing the plans at this late stage will just cost the Rail Operator more and will be less profit for the shareholders. It might mean disruption longer than september???

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