Guide dogs need our help

I attended the Guide Dogs for the Blind reception at the Commons this week. Several constituents had written to tell me that some Guide dogs are being attacked by aggressive dogs that are not properly controlled or trained by their owners. I agree that this is dreadful, as Guide dogs do such good work. I think they do deserve our help in protecting them, and will pursue it with the government to see what could be done to improve the situation.


  1. James Sutherland
    June 16, 2012

    It seems alarmingly common, indeed – are guide-dog specific measures called for, though, or is this the emotive tip of a larger iceberg of poorly-controlled dogs attacking other animals in general? If I get attacked by a dog, of course it’s a police matter and there are existing provisions to deal with that, but if I were out walking my own dog (or other pet) and another dog attacks, shouldn’t similar provisions apply?

    Much as petty crime tends to escalate to bigger things, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the dogs attacking guide dogs are also attacking other animals and are quite likely to move on to people as well, if they haven’t already. If a change in the law is needed to protect guide dogs, don’t overlook either the need to protect other animals from the same threat or the opportunity to deal with some of these problem dogs the first time they attack, whether the victim that time is a guide dog or not.

  2. Frances Matta
    June 16, 2012

    On the BBC radio 4 Today programme this story was aired. John Humphreys adopted a rather dismissive stance and said “Dogs attack other dogs all the time don’t they?”
    I have no doubt that the Guide dogs are being attacked by pit bulls and the like.
    The simple answer to the Dangerous Dogs problem is to ban all council/state subsidised tenants from owning dogs. Private landlords have this option and most choose to exercise it.
    If this were to be adopted and enforced, I am of the opinion that Dangerous Dogs would become much less of a problem and that Guide Dogs would be safer.

  3. Frances Matta
    June 16, 2012

    Yes, it is the emotive tip. Wherever there is council/state subsidised housing there are dangerous dogs aplenty as well as too many uncared for dogs and children. It is the state of the nation. The state subsidised nation.

    1. alan jutson
      June 30, 2012


      Why not simply ban the breed of dogs that are known to be the problem.

      Fully aware that the owners are also a problem, but you do not often see a poor owner of a poodle do you.

      Thus there is a connection, agressive dogs often have agressive owners.

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