Replacing level crossings locally

There is a strong case to replace the Ufton Nervet crossing with a bridge on safety grounds. There is a strong case for a bridge or underpass to take traffic away from the junction at Wokingham station, given the congestion the level crossing gates cause and the possible threat to safety.

Replacing gates with a bridge helps all concerned. Through trains can go faster. Train drivers are spared the worry of something on the line, and the shock if there is an obstacle. Safety is improved substantially.

Meanwhile drivers can avoid the congestion and the danger of a level crossing. They do not have to worry about getting stuck on a busy crossing through a vehicle break down or the bad driving of others.

I raised this issue again today with the Secretary of State for Transport, who said there is some money available for this type of project. She offered me a meeting which I will take up. It does not mean we have won, but it does mean there is an opportunity to press our case. I will pursue it.


  1. Pat Wickham
    July 17, 2012

    There is nothing wrong with the level crossing at Ufton Nervet, It all comes down to irrespondsible drivers with no [patience to wait, just a few minutes for a train to go by, the red light gives ample warning and should at all times be taken notice of I travel this road regularly to get to Mortimer. To replace it with a bridge would mean months of road clousure which we have already had enough of with the not one, but THREE bridges being lifted by British rail, causing major disruption with long diversions in place, the lenghth of this work being extended because B R had not done a thourough survey before commencing the work. Thankyou but Thankyou No more road clousures around here pleae Pat Wickham

  2. Simon Cutler
    July 17, 2012

    Looking longer-term, I would very much welcome an underpass or bridge in Wokingham given the major problems that the junction causes commuters, pedestrians and road users. It would of course create major delays in the short term, but surely the benefits would be very welcome. Such a pity that the water works, which will close e.g. Station Road etc in that area for many months, could not have been coordinated, but presumably such changes could be planned to occur when the new station is due to be built anyway. A very worthwhile cause to pursue Mr Redwood.

    Reply: The site for a possible bridge is nearer to the Waterloo crossing than the station, to take it away from the town centre.

  3. Normandee
    July 17, 2012

    I repeat my earlier comment about cut and cover tunnels, in most of these level crossing situations I suggest you only need to lower the track level and take the height requirement for a bridge down to a level where it’s impact on traffic and the area would be minimised. You have to stop the trains and the road to create this but it would be a lot quicker and cheaper than a full blown bridge or tunnel.

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