Views from the doorsteps

   I was out and about in  Earley again on Saturday morning. The two local  preoccupations were the refuse system and school catchments. 

          Some commented favourably on the new refuse collection service now they have seen it in operation.  One person disliked the new bags and said they broke too easily, one liked the idea of composting green waste, and one lobbied against the charges on Green waste collection. I have raised  these matters again with Councillors.

           Several  people asked about  the catchment for the Holt School. I have asked Councillors to look into the concerns, and reminded constituents that  now the Holt is an Academy they will have the right to make their own proposals for any further catchment change. I know of no such planned further change.

              The main national issue raised was our continuing membership of the EU, where several people want a vote on whether we should stay in on current terms. I explained I fully support a referendum, and voted for one in the Commons last year when we forced the matter. I will continue to press the government for one, and will vote again for one if and when the issue returns to the Commons agenda.



  1. Old Albion
    August 11, 2012

    Ah! yes, but will you vote for an in/out EU referendum? Or a pretendy get some powers back, new relationship not really, referendum?

    Reply: Yes of course I will vote again for such a referendum. Why do you keep doubting what I am trying to bring about? I am not part of the pro EU mafia.

    1. Old Albion
      August 12, 2012

      Because of this sentence;

      The main national issue raised was our continuing membership of the EU, where several people want a vote on whether we should stay in on current terms.

  2. Old Albion
    August 12, 2012

    Oh! and why is this article not appearing in your ‘John Redwoods diary’ blog?

    Reply: Because the national readership may not be that interested in the Wokingham refuse collection system, but we local residents are and that is why it appears on the accessible local pages. The national pages have just had two days of highlighting the EU problem.

    1. Old Albion
      August 13, 2012

      Ah ! my mistake, sorry. I see, click the ‘local issues’ heading and here it is.

  3. alan jutson
    August 12, 2012

    Good to see you continuing to get out and about John.

    I wonder how many other Mp’s tramp the streets to seek out the views of their constituants outside of election time ?

    I agree that the blue bags are rather flimsy, hence we leave ours in the dustbin (put out each week) for the binman to collect.

    The brown recycle wheely bins are a good idea, but the £60.00 charge per year seems rather a lot (I did agonise over this for a few weeks before subscribing) especially when for 4 months in the winter, little would be collected.

    Far better in my view if there was just a single charge for the bin (like the green bags of the old system) and it was collected free of charge, you may then get more of a take up !
    I understand the Council have thousands of brown wheely bins still in stock !

    The new contractors seem to work Ok, at least they do not throw the black plastic recycling boxes across the street from their vehicle after collection, they are neatly stacked outside of the house when emptied, or at least ours are.

    Keep up the foot slogging, and your Diary Blog site, it seperates you from the rest.

    Reply: Thanks. I like to get out and hear views. I await the Council’s review of the Green waste system.

  4. Crano
    August 12, 2012

    £60. 00 green waste collection is over the top Mr Redwood, contact Blaby RDC they do it for £19 99 pa.
    And your thoughts on the two recent “elections ” carried out by The Peoples Pledge.

  5. David Saunders
    August 12, 2012

    The US presidential election may provide the opportunity for a genuine debate about the differences between Republicans and Democrats as to the philosophical and ideological differences in their respepective polices and whether a smaller state and and lower taxes has a resonance with the American voters.

    In the UK no such debate exists and the three main parties cluster on the so called middle ground, lacking the political courage to define party differences. No change, no chance of recovery.

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