Wokingham Station


       I was due to meet Justine Greening, Transport Secretary, to discuss Wokingham Station and our level crossing problems today. The reshuffle got in the way. I am pleased to report that I did have a meeting instead with the new Transport Secretary.

        We discussed the timing of the Wokingham Station development, where he seemed sympathetic to the wish for Network Rail to get on with it.

        We discussed the traffic congestion created by the three level crossings to the south of Wokingham, and the single railway bridge on the Finchampstead Road  which requires larger lorries to use the middle of the road. We also reviewed the safety issues at the Ufton Nervet crossing.

         I explained the Council’s idea of a new bridge crossing of the railway line to the east of the town. The Department confirmed that the Station level crossing now has the gates down against traffic for 21 minutes an hour, rising to 30 minutes an hour in rush hour. They saw the problems this causes with backed up traffic.

        I will keep you posted on the Department’s response now they have heard from me again about the problems the railway poses to transport in Wokingham, and the safety issues raised by level crossings. I am promised follow up from the meeting.

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  1. uanime5
    September 13, 2012

    Just thought I’d point out that the Reading Road (A329) goes over the railway tracks, so you can use it instead of going down Station Road and having to wait for the track to be clear.

    The main problem with having more railway bridges in Wokingham is that a railway from Bracknell and a railway from Sandhurst converge here, so multiple bridges will be required to enable people to travel without being hindered by a train.

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