Flood control

I attended the anti flood surgery at Wokingham Borough Council on Thursday 20th September.

I spoke to Thames Water about the need to renew pipes, to place new pipes in more accessible locations that do not require digging up the road to repair, and about flow management of the rivers.

I spoke to the Borough about their responsibilities to lead the anti flood work of our community, and to ensure that they and other riparian owners keep rivers, streams and ditches clear to allow the flow of water at times of high rainfall.

I spoke to the Environment Agency about the need for new water containment and improved channels for water flow, given the high level of development in recent decades in Wokingham and its impact on run off and flood incidence.

I reminded all of the need for schemes and maintenance work which tackle flood threats in vulnerable locations like the Emm banks in Wokingham and Winnersh, the Loddon flood area and Luckley Wood.

I would like to thank Phiala Mehring for her continuing work to ensure these authorities do have proper schedules for maintenance and are working on longer term solutions.

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  1. pipesmoker
    September 24, 2012

    Just take a walk down a stretch of road and count how many gully pots are full to the top with soil and rubbish it’s not rocket science. Councils are just not cleaning gully pots out, when did you last see a gully machine at work? It’s not that simple because farming practice, new buildings, drives to houses etc create quicker run off but if basic maintenance isn’t being done there is a problem.

    I went in a local Asian shop this morning for my tinnies, the deluge was passing his front door because the drain outside was blocked and vehicular traffic was sending cascades of water through his front door!

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