Wokingham is the best UK place to live-again

I was pleased to be told by local reporters that Wokingham has come out top of another annual survey of where it is best to live. It is my job to handle complaints and to help where the central government can make things better. It is good to know that many do like a lot of the features of our local environment. As I said to the newspapers who asked, it is down to the people who live here. It is their hard work which provide the good shops, schools and other services. It is our efforts that maintain their homes and gardens and help create a safe and friendly society compared to many elsewhere.


  1. Simon George
    October 1, 2012

    I don’t live in Wokingham but regularly cycle through it. If this tops a survey of where it is best to live it is a measure of how poorly the people of this country are served by politicians and planners.

    1. David N
      October 7, 2012

      “I don’t live in Wokingham….”, that is where i stopped reading, the clue is in the title surely?

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