A new primary school?

It is clear from the figures that Wokingham Borough needs extra primary school places. I am glad the Council is now consulting on where the extra school should be located. I hope interested constituents will respond to the Council consultation. The details are on Wokingham Borough’s website. As I understand it it is an entirely open quesiton, where the Council needs to take soundings on what would be the best place. Please write to the Council rather than to me, as they are the Planning and Education authority, and they have the staff to handle the consultation replies.

I also hope interested parents and educationalists will consider the possibility of a new free school to make available the necessary places. I am happy to help with the necessary co-operative working with the Department for Education, should the Council and community decide on a suitable location for a free school. As Oakbank has shown, it is possible to get a school up and running quickly where there is the will to do so.


  1. DadOf3
    October 15, 2012

    I do not want to send my children to a free school. I do not want to live alongside people who have been educated in free schools. I want to live in a society that educates its children to the highest standards; where the schools are run by accountable public servants; where uninformed and deluded special interest groups cannot opt out of key parts of the curriculum; where state funding is not used to indulge ninnies in their Steinerist fantasies at their children’s expense.

    Reply: So would you ban all independent schools in the UK? How would you stop rich people sending their children abroad for education?

    1. DadOf3
      October 16, 2012

      Why would I want to stop rich people sending their children where they like?

      I am disappointed that many parents feel the need to take their children out of the state school system, but at least they are funding their choice with their own money. The free school programme is a bizarre system for nationalising unpopular or unproven independent schools.

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