Visit to Emmbrook Primary School on 19 October

I was asked to attend a Question Time at Emmbrook Juniors. They asked a good range of questions about Parliament and famous people in it, before offering me tea and biscuits. One of the testing questions was what is my favourite biscuit? I had to answer it before knowing what type of biscuits they had on offer. Fortunately on this occasion I chose Bourbon, and there was one on the plate when it arrived.

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  1. Barry Oblivion
    October 23, 2012

    Seems you negotiated some tricky questions there. I somewhat remember Gordon Brown coming a cropper on that favourite biscuit one. phew. Although im not sure about Bourbon, sounds a little too European.

    I prefer Jaffa Cakes although they arent strictly biscuits and therefore dont attract VAT, compared to other choccy biscuits, so minimizing the amount of tax I pay.

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